1. Select and Book your Date

  2. I will send a link to your Proposal (which will also be your invoice).  Your proposal is valid  & date is saved for 5 days. After 5 days if  your deposit is not received - your date is released and the proposal cancelled.  

  3. Pay the Save the Date deposit to guarantee services for your event date

  4. Complete form below  

*If your date is currently booked, select Waitlist and if the date is cancelled an email will be sent notifying you that the date is available. 

Caroline Cartier requires a $100 non-refundable retainer to hold the wedding/event date that will be applied to the final amount due at the completion of wedding services.  A 4 week notice of cancellation of event services of the entirety of the agreed upon amount will still be charged.  All bridal party cancellations or adjustments must be given within 72 hours of wedding date or entirety of original agreed upon amount will still be required to be paid.  On-site pricing is valid for up to 30 miles of travel.  

Additional travel beyond the 30 mile radius of Greensboro NC will require an additional Travel Fee of $100 per stylist.  Travel furhter than 2-3 hours may require hotel accomidation to be handled by contractee.